INI hosts a fund raiser for Surfers for Autism

I love working for these guys.. As you may recall we had the opportunity to help promote their last concer event in Ft. Lauderdale.  Since then, Don Ryan, President of SFA, has been responding to surfers all up the East Coast asking about their concert.  So the demand grew and the need for a true concert series evolved and the “Wish List Jam” was born.  On March 13th, in 2 seperate counties, we have 2 sister events happening at the same time. A total of 8 bands have donated their time and SO MANY sponsors have donated funding and prizes. The goal of the event is to raise money for the “Wish List.” A list that was designed to let everyone know just what the intention of these parties was about. “We need these items to operate effectively,” explains Don.  Surfers for Autism, in two years has increased the number of events from 1 in 2008 to now 8 total for the 2010 season. That is significant growth. Please come out to either event and show your support. The Space Coast jam to happen in Indialantic, FL is here.   And the Treasure Coast Jam is happening in Stuart, FL can be found here.


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