Do I hear a round of applause?

Perhaps the applause is from the success of the  Surfers for Autism “Locals Only” Awareness Jam. Or perhaps it is because of all the fuss we created when we decided to sponsor Doctors Without Borders for the month of February. Unless, of course, it stems from a super interview I had with April, from The Movement Within, that aired on Feb. 1st.

No matter what the praise is for, we are super appreciative. Our success is inherently dependent on all that our fans have encouraged us to do.  We were super stoked to be a part of the Awareness Jam for Surfers for Autism.

Things are quickly moving right along.  INI looks like we are taking some bands on the road.  I know most of our fan base is familiar with the band Mystic Roots. And as we do every year about this time, we bring them back for Spring Break. And it looks like we will be introducing another band to join them. Please welcome to the INI family 3052 Dub Collective. The tour will feature both bands and include 2 weeks of shows throughout Florida strarting on the first of April in Orlando. So please come out and show your support for reggae music.

Also on the agenda, we are taking the Resolvers on tour in late April and completing a festival tour throughout the Summer. So stay tuned in for more on that.

INI Productions is proudly sponsoring the 25th Anniversary of the Melbourne Beach Rotary’s Pineapple Man Tri which does not happen ’til June.  INI helps events like this with their social media efforts. Become a fan here. So we will keep you informed with that as well.

Let INI know if you have a campaign or cause that needs promotion. Our services are located here. We do offer consultation for businesses as well. Ask about our “90 Day Kickstart” program. This service instructs those with or without an online presence to properly employ Social Media and shows them how to D.I.Y. effectively and efficiently.

Stay Irie.

Team INI


3 Responses to “Do I hear a round of applause?”

  1. Donna Avery Says:


  2. Donna Avery Says:

  3. Kristen Says:

    Jesse. You WOW me more and each time you write. Remember what I told you; “Keep Writing” You are in the right direction my dear friend. Also remember all of our “Divine Time” talks. YOU are awesome!

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