How can INI help you..

I have to share something that I learned today. So stop what you may be doing and give me 3 minutes of your attention.  Let’s pretend that reading an INI blog is your deep breath  everyday that you consciously focus on.  So as you start each morning, for instance, with a cup of tea or coffee and catch up on your e-mail, incorporate this blog within your routine. I am attempting to create a more frequent blog if you promise to enjoy it as your morning ritual.There, I am honored to have you as an audience. I am blushing.

Now then, I am learning that within each day as we strive to make the world smaller via Social Media, i.e. this blog, Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, we sometimes get caught up in “making it big.” Hopefully,  creating enough exposure to produce a better professional image for your business or yourself.  As I am constantly connecting to create community and develop online relationships with those that are like minded, I sometimes get absorbed in the thoughts of, “What is in it for me?” or listening to WIII FM.

I often debate on what to share or retain for my own eyes, acting like a filter for my readers and viewers. I am determined to NOT become “that guy” on Facebook that has a Trigger happy-esk (of or like being one who suffers from possessing trigger happy traits) forwarding syndrome. INI will not go there (unless that is your wish ;p  ) As another form of rationale, I ask, “What makes my discretion anymore superior than yours?” RIGHT? What am I, mainstream media?  I have no business judging what may be in your best interest. I am not a fan of Farmville..(GASP) but who am I to say you can have fun or not with it.  Besides, the whole benefit of Social Media is to enjoy a censorship free web 2.0 experience. Correct??   So now I offer another question. What is my role as someone who aims to capture an audience and involve them in my online circle? What benefits can I offer my readership? How do I make a difference today?

And that brings me to the title of this article. How can INI help you..?

  • I am content with the role as facilitator. Someone who allows and encourages others to perform at their best.
  • I excel in helping others with their Social Media campaign and offering consultancy. I am  satisfied by providing  services in whatever capacity you can afford.
  • I can help promote  a cause you need exposure for. Or show you how you may want to go about it on your own time.
  • I can help you understand capturing, editing and uploading videos and slide shows for others to see on your web channels.

So in all that I do and have done, what I learned today is that  I don’t need to be any more for anyone than what I already am. I am an individual that cares. I am one person trying to help others. I am an activist. I am like so many others. Offering to be there when no one else may be. I am a dot. And we all are dots. Reduced to our simple actions that define our very worth. No matter how big of an ego you may have, without the other dots you can not be a part of the big picture. The big picture is what happens when you connect all of us. Together. Allow me to be a dot in your world. Let’s connect.

Thank you, John Suwell of  All Things Healing for your wisdom and inspiration. And thank you for referring me to Paul Hawken, the author of the  concept of  “connecting the dots.”


  1. Jan. 30th  – Surfers for Autism benefit Concert. AWARENESS JAM featuring some great talent. I will include my promo video toward the bottom
  2. Feb. 1st     –  Listen to Jesse as a featured guest on, “The Movement Within.”   April leads the discussion and I explain how I overcame hardship and turned into something I can be proud of.
  3. Ongoing until April I am in need of donations toward Livestrong.  You can make donations on my Team Livestrong page here.

Event Flyer


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