Happy New Year from InI ….

Untitled InI wishes you the very best for this upcoming year. We hope everyone has had a marvelous holiday season. Unfortunately, it has to end and now we are  faced with the reality of getting back to work and enjoying the hustle that is our lives. The new year does give us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and, unique for 2010, the last decade. This reflection process allows us to grow professionally and personally.

Personally, we are able to decipher between the tired habits that have plagued us and the challenges that returned huge rewards in self discovery.

Professionally, we were able to judge , objectively I hope, our performance in all aspects of our work. Including but not limited to, our relationships with others, our relationship to Mother Earth and our relationship to our community. As you evaluated these relationships, you should have become aware of your emotions regarding each of these areas.  Your relationship with others category should bring some smiles, perhaps tears even, as you reflect on all those employees hired and fired and  clientele or consumer market gained or lossed. As for the  relationship to Mother Earth category, you should feel proud that you have helped in one way or many. You may be asking, “whats that got to with me professionally?”  Well, has your business adopted any new “greener” policies? Green business is a growing and everexpanding industry with all kinds of promise. If you haven’t decided to “green” your business yet, INI can help. INI has “Adopted a Shore” in 2 counties of Florida. Now holding weekly cleanups. Invites coming your way.

Uploaded with the Flock Browser - http://www.flock.com Also, we are awaiting approval of our application to the non-profit 1% for the Planet, Uploaded with the Flock Browser - http://www.flock.com

which takes one percent of your profits and funds programs that help the local ecology. These are a couple of examples of what you can do to be a better, more responsible business. Finally, the relationship with your community should muster up a tear or two. Hopefully you or your employer sponsored a surf contest or Reggae concert which brought in additional funds for someone in need. And you were able to see through your volunteering efforts or sponsorship contribution, how an individual or huge corporation can change the lives of those around you.

As I have reflected this past weekend, I have to say I was pleased, overall, with InI’s contribution in ’09. And after an intense and comprehensive assessment, I have come up with a plan to spotlight, as a promoter it’s kind of a speciality, an individual cause or charity for each month. This month InI is sponsoring (drum roll)

“Surfers for Autism” Uploaded with the Flock Browser - http://www.flock.com

Congratulations to Don Ryan and his team for doing so much good in 2009.

InI has decided to throw a fundraising event on our facebook group page.

SFA is throwing a fun party at the end of the month featuring a lot of really cool bands at one of Ft. Lauderdales most beloved venues, Revolutions Live.

So please visit this event on Facebook and RSVP

Also, buy a shirt or Rasta band here.  And let InI know if we can assist with your event or include you in one of ours.

ONE LOVE  in ’10

Team INI


One Response to “Happy New Year from InI ….”

  1. mermaidgirl Says:

    Keep writing! I love what you are doing. Don’t stop.

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