..’tis the season to be Irie.

2009 as been historic in SO many ways! Hasn’t it?

* New President and administration in Washington.

* End of a truly dramatic decade for a lot of us. So many weddings and babies it seems for me personally (not mine , yet!)

* Loss of WAY TOO MANY celebrities. (I have my own suspicions.)

* ….and, finally the launch of my company, I N I Productions and Events, LLC.

A little bit about what I am doing and what InI is… In August of this year I finally decided to form an entity that performs promotional services: marketing, production, consultation, band management, multimedia solutions and social media networking/management.

The concept is “Reggae Music for Good Causes.” I have a dream that brings live Reggae music and non-profits together for exposure and education.

The general theme is to take a good cause and promote it as ” a concert and benefit/fund raiser all in one.”

Why Reggae? Because it transcends borders, language, race and social class. Rarely is there ever a curse word or reference to anything controversial, albeit, Smoking organic herbs. Reggae is very family friendly and danceable. More often than not, the music has very healing properties, like soothing rhythms and grounding beats. Most of Reggae’s lyrical content describes a loving world with peace, known as Zion, and encourages people to look outside the bureaucratic and capitalist society referred to as, Babylon.

This may seem trivial, however, it is important because you have to leave Babylon and get out of your comfort zone sometimes. You must learn that the world is in pain and there are some causes that you need to participate in now.

Reggae music gives words of inspiration that help those in need to uplift, unite and inspire one another to overcome adversity. These are the reasons I feel I was called to help others. There is too much suffering and those muted voices need more of us to represent them and promote ways to help. I am giving you the opportunity to help those in need today.

My team and I have some attractive fund-raising accessories and shirts for sale that we use at our events to help raise money with. Below is a link that will take you to my website. Once you see the page you’ll notice some attractive pictures of my wrist with our “Rasta” bands and below them you will see our “I ‘heart’ Reggae Music” shirts.

I have loads of wrist bands available and only a few of the shirts available. I am making these available online because INI has found a charity that helps local families enjoy the season through contributions when they would otherwise be out. That means keeping their house through the new year for some of them. So we need to sell out of EVERYTHING.

Please help me help others. I have been called and now I am doing God’s will.

Together we can take a step toward the promised land of Zion. Rastafari’s believe heaven is a place on Earth.

All it takes is equality and ONE LOVE to realize it.

Let’s make 2010 even more historic with the amount of generosity that we share. Jah Bless.

Christmas Shop Here http://iniproductions.com/Getthegoods.aspx(buy today to guarantee arrival before Christmas) See you in 2010,


One Response to “..’tis the season to be Irie.”

  1. fleriobgriero Says:

    Wow loved reading this article. I submitted your rss to my google reader!!

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