I N I Productions in November

We are very excited about the activity we are involved with this month.

First, I N I will be enjoying the festivities provided by the Slater Bros. Invitational. The event is renamed this year.  The event has been known as the Skippy and Sean Slater Invitational. Now, I presume with Kelly’s more active role, they decided to change the title in order  make them all inclusive. Also, the event has changed venues again this year with all the festivities taking place at Coconuts on the Beach in Downtown Cocoa Beach. The venue has a stage and is located right on the beach.

I am excited that it will be taking place at Coconut’s. I N I has approached the management about putting on a show there. The management seemed delighted. Now we have to get the right band to play there.

Hopefully I n I’s wrist bands will have arrived by this weekend. I N I is very excited.  I n I will use the proceeds to help promote reggae music and to fund I N I events. The wristbands will be Rasta colored: green, yellow, red, black. They will be debossed and have a stencil font that will read:  I love (heart) Reggae Music      INI           One Love . They should be a hit.  I n I has a first release of 500 coming out. Hopefully they will sell out by the end of November and we will be on our second run.

Next, the Village of Tequesta, FL will have their 6th Annual Harvest Festival on the 14th of November. I n I will be there with Sweet Justice. Sweet Justice will be playing from 11:30a -1:00p. The event is short and sweet lasting from 11:00 am til 5:00pm. 3 bands will play and rides, games, fun and food for the whole family will be goin’ on.

As I N I mentioned in a previous post, the 9th Annual Jupiter Fall Classic will be going on the following weekend from the 20th-22nd.  I N I will be providing entertainment on Sunday and also hosting slide-shows and radio interviews all weekend long. I n I is very excited to bring Mystic Roots Band to Florida for a mini tour through the state. That following Tuesday we will be in Ft. Lauderdale at Pulp Live throwing a fun party with some very special surprises.

Then Thanksgiving, I will be enjoying thoroughly eating my butt off somewhere. So please send invitations.

Please come out and support Reggae music. Follow @iniproductions on Twitter for more microblogging and up-to-date info.

Jah Bless


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