I N I Productions is excited to be Reggae Music ambassador.

So very excited to be a part of the blogging community as a professional.  I am introducing my company and its brand for the first time on wordpress. I am so thankful for being able work with WordPress and the enjoy the benefits as a user.

So now that we are very excited to represent Local Florida Reggae Music and the artists who share in this creative outlet to express love and unity,  allow me to invite you to our website so you may witness all the very fun things we are involved with.

Already we have a couple of artists we work with and promote regularly. You may find them on our artists page.  Big thanks for everyone who has been involved thus far. Your encouragement and support  means a lot.

Also, I n I Productions has adopted not 1 but 2 beaches in Florida. One is in Palm Beach County called DuBois Park and the other is in Brevard County called Pelican Beach. We have partnered up with some local litter prevention organizations and have committed to cleaning up those sites indefinitely.  As always, I n I wants to thank in advance all of our volunteers who will be helping in the future.

We are preparing now to promote some Reggae Concerts here in Florida. The first features Mystic Roots Band at Carlin Park pavilion on Saturday the 21st of November for the Jupiter Fall Classic.  Then on Sunday we feature Herbal Krew at Guanabanas.

We hope to stay quite busy as we believe there is a growing demand for positive vibrations and helping people in need.

Jah Bless


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